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Resources & FAQ

Commonly asked questions and ways to take action today against gun violence

What can I do now to support the cause?

  • Get in touch with your representatives. Call as much as you can. Write letters. Send emails. Tag them on social media. Do not keep quiet. Leverage this site to help with calling and scripts. Enlist your friends and family to do the same!

  • Follow @virginiamomsforchange on Instagram and share our content​

  • Volunteer with Virginia Moms for Change—sign up here!

  • Have conversations about gun violence prevention with your family and friends. Here's a guide.

  • Donate to organizations focused on gun violence prevention.

  • Find a petition to sign

  • Encourage our business leaders to get involved by sending them March Fourth's request.

  • Check our our toolkit for more resources to help you spread the word about VMFC and gun violence prevention.


Who are my reps and how do I contact them?

  • Senator Tim Kaine 202-224-4024

  • Senator Mark Warner 202-224-2023

  • Senator Chuck Schumer 202-224-6542 (He is the Senate majority leader and you can ask him to call the Assault Weapons Ban to the floor for a vote)

  • Your representative in the House of Representatives; find yours here.

  • Governor Glenn Youngkin (804) 786-2211

  • Find your Virginia Senator and Delegate here


How are you different than Moms Demand?

We see ourselves as a partner and amplifier for Moms Demand and other gun reform organizations (March Fourth, 97 Percent, etc). However, our focus is heavily on Virginia politics and policies, at state and local levels. We are not associated with any major organizations or lobbies. Because of our grassroots nature, we have more flexibility to plan campaigns and outreach as we see fit. We want to be an organization that any person - Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between - feels encouraged and motivated to join. 


What organizations do you support?

We consider our organization an amplifier for other like-minded groups and leaders. Here are some organizations that we truly admire.

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