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Join Virginia Moms for Change and Make a Difference in Gun Violence Prevention

In today's world, the safety and well-being of our children are top priorities for every parent, especially when it comes to sending them to school. Virginia Moms for Change is a passionate community of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on gun violence prevention. We are Democrats, Republicans, gun-owners, non gun-owners, and everything in between. We invite you to join our network of volunteers shaping a safer future for our kids.

At Virginia Moms for Change, we understand that time is precious, and we appreciate any amount of time you can give. Whether you have a few spare hours each month or want to take a more active role, we have opportunities for you. Our organization offers a flexible volunteering experience that allows you to contribute based on your availability and interests.

We recognize that every individual has unique strengths and passions. That's why we offer three distinct teams for you to choose from, each led by the board members of Virginia Moms for Change:

  1. Marketing & Events Team: Led by Carolyn and Maribeth, this team is looking for people who enjoy content creation, social media platforms (we're currently looking for a Tik Tok-er!), print materials, and more. Our team members have enjoyed sharpening their skills, learning Instagram reels, advertising, and more. Joining this team (or any for that matter) is a great way to sharpen skills running a new organization.

  2. Research & Education Team: Our resident GVP computer, Nicky, leads this team. For those who are driven by knowledge and a desire to drive informed action, our Research & Education Team is an ideal fit. Contribute to our efforts by researching key issues, compiling data, and developing educational resources that empower our community.

  3. Volunteer Management Team: Headed by Sarah and Mary Bowen, this team is great for those who have excellent organizational and interpersonal skills. Help us coordinate the efforts of our amazing volunteers, ensuring that everyone's contributions are maximized and appreciated. Personally, several of our volunteers say this team has given them the opportunity to connect with people in our community and develop valuable management skills through platforms like Slack.

We're excited to share that Virginia Moms for Change is taking our commitment to gun violence prevention one step further. As the November 2023 election approaches, we're prioritizing the crucial task of electing gun sense candidates who share our values and goals. We believe that political change plays a vital role in shaping policies that can lead to safer communities for our children.

Across the Commonwealth of Virginia, we'll be rallying our volunteers to join campaign efforts. By volunteering for this cause, you'll have the opportunity to directly impact the election process, engage with your fellow community members, and advocate for candidates who prioritize gun violence prevention.

Ready to take the next step? It's as easy as filling out our volunteer intake form. This form helps us understand your preferences, availability, and skills, so we can match you with the team that aligns with your interests. Once you've submitted the form, we'll be in touch with detailed information on how you can get involved based on your preferences.

You have the power to create meaningful change and ensure a safer future for our children. By joining Virginia Moms for Change, you become a part of a dedicated community committed to preventing gun violence, fostering safer environments, and making an impact in upcoming elections. No matter how much time you can spare, there's a place for you within our organization. Choose a team that resonates with you, fill out our volunteer intake form, and together, let's make a lasting impact on gun violence prevention and advocate for gun sense candidates in the November 2023 election.

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