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Virginia Moms for Change: Empowering Mothers to Transform the Future

In the heart of Virginia, a powerful force is rising, driven by a collective belief that mothers are an unparalleled strength, a force capable of creating positive change. Virginia Moms for Change (VMFC) envisions a future where the world is safer for our children, and this vision is not just a distant dream; it's a relentless pursuit fueled by unwavering dedication.

The Power of Moms: A Force for Change

At VMFC, the foundational belief is that moms are the most potent force for change. This belief is the cornerstone upon which our organization stands, recognizing the unique power that comes from a mother's commitment to her children.

Focus is Everything: A Pledge Against Gun Violence

Currently, VMFC has set its focus on one of the most pressing issues affecting children in the United States – gun violence. Guns are the number one cause of death for children in this country. Faced with this grim reality, VMFC believes that change is not only necessary but entirely possible.

The organization advocates for crucial policies to address this issue head-on:

Assault weapons ban

Safe storage legislation

Background checks for all gun purchases with no loopholes

Strong red flag laws - both in Virginia and federally

These policies represent the foundation upon which VMFC is building a safer future for the children of Virginia.

Imagining a Safer Tomorrow: A Vision for Change

The heart of VMFC beats with the hope that, one day, the statistics of gun violence against children will see a substantial decline. The organization dreams of a day when the most significant threat to our children's safety is diminished, and the focus can shift to the next vital issue for mothers.

The vision for the future includes potential pivots towards crucial topics such as parental leave, affordable childcare, postpartum healthcare, and more. The possibilities are endless, and VMFC stands ready to cross those bridges when the time comes.

A Collective Voice for Change

Through perseverance and the collective, unconditional love that mothers have for their children, VMFC believes that it can change the world. The organization's commitment to making a difference remains steadfast, not just in the realm of gun violence prevention but in whatever area requires the strength, resilience, and passion of mothers united for a common cause.

A Network of Endless Potential

Virginia Moms for Change is not just an organization; it is a network of women and mothers bound together by one shared goal- reducing the number of gun-related deaths in our communities. Today, tomorrow, and for however long it takes, VMFC will continue to focus on gun violence prevention. Yet, the organization is ready to adapt, evolve, and channel its collective strength towards the next crucial issue, whatever that may be.

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