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The 2024 Virginia General Assembly is Over - Now What?

The Virginia General Assembly 2024 session marked a triumph for the Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) movement. With a staggering 2,274 bills under consideration, the assembly emerged with substantial achievements in gun violence prevention. Here’s a rundown of the session’s highlights and the strides made in gun violence prevention.

Championing Safety:

In this session, legislators exhibited unwavering commitment to public safety. With 100 gun violence prevention bills on the table, the assembly stood firm against 32 detrimental proposals introduced by the opposition. Notably, Democrats played a pivotal role in thwarting attempts to undermine existing gun laws, preventing the passage of hazardous bills such as those advocating for permitless carry and permitting guns in sensitive environments like schools and state buildings.

Halting the Backlash:

Republicans, in their bid to roll back critical gun safety measures, introduced a slew of regressive bills aimed at dismantling existing protections. These included proposals to abolish the extreme risk protective order (ERPO) law, facilitate easier access to concealed handgun permits regardless of eligibility criteria, and exacerbate the risks of domestic violence situations by introducing firearms. Thanks to the concerted efforts of Democrats in both the House and Senate, all such harmful bills were effectively halted in their tracks.

Milestones in GVP Legislation:

Amidst the battleground of conflicting interests, Democrats succeeded in passing 48 progressive gun bills, now awaiting the governor’s signature. These legislative victories encompass a broad spectrum of measures aimed at enhancing public safety and curbing gun violence. Key highlights include the Assault Weapons Ban, bills mandating safe storage practices, waiting periods for gun purchases, and the prohibition of auto sears. Additionally, crucial steps were taken to extend protective orders to intimate partners and fortify domestic violence protections.

Urgent Call to Action:

With the fate of these life-saving bills hanging in the balance, the onus now falls on Governor Glenn Youngkin to uphold the mandate of the people and prioritize the safety of Virginians. Governor Youngkin has until April 9 to act on the pending gun bills, with the opportunity to either sign, veto, or amend the legislation. In anticipation of the governor’s decision, constituents are urged to actively engage in advocacy efforts by contacting Governor Youngkin and voicing their support for the GVP bills awaiting his endorsement.

As the legislative journey enters its final phase, the collective voice of concerned citizens holds immense power in shaping the future landscape of gun safety in Virginia. By mobilizing support and amplifying their calls for action, constituents can reaffirm their commitment to safeguarding communities and protecting the most vulnerable from the threat of gun violence.

Take Action:

Join us in demanding action from Governor Glenn Youngkin by calling or emailing to express support for the pending gun bills. Together, let us send a resounding message that prioritizes the safety and well-being of our communities above all else.

The Script:

Governor Glenn Youngkin,

My name is [Your Name] and I am a constituent and parent. I urge you to stand on the side of safety and sign the 48 life-saving gun bills recently passed by the General Assembly. Our children's lives depend on it.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter.


[Your Name]

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