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Reflecting on Virginia Moms for Change's "Action Month" in January 2024

As January comes to a close, we at Virginia Moms for Change are taking a moment to reflect on the incredible impact and achievements of our organization during "Action Month." This past month, our volunteers dedicated their time to our mission of preventing gun violence and creating safer communities.

Virginia Moms for Change participated in the Virginia Center for Public Safety's Advocacy Day at the Virginia Capitol Building on MLK Day. With nearly 140 pieces of literature in hand, our volunteers engaged with General Assembly members, attended a moving vigil honoring victims of gun violence, and held constructive discussions with several Delegates and Senators. It was a day filled with meaningful dialogue and advocacy for crucial firearm safety measures.

Throughout the Virginia General Assembly session, our volunteers continue to showcase their commitment by participating in virtual testimony during committee meetings. Moms have testified in committee meetings in support of firearm safety bills. Additionally, countless members of Virginia Moms for Change submitted written comments advocating for these bills and opposing harmful legislation, amplifying our collective impact.

Beyond legislative advocacy, "Action Month" also saw our organization empowering our members to take tangible steps within their communities. We encouraged individuals to donate their time by initiating conversations about safe firearm storage within their networks, such as schools, community centers, and doctors' offices. Furthermore, we provided resources on various gun violence prevention organizations, guiding members on where to direct their financial support for maximum impact.

Recognizing the vital role of blood donation in saving lives, we emphasized the importance of this act of generosity. By highlighting the critical need for blood donations to support victims of gun violence, we underscored the multifaceted approach required to address this pressing issue comprehensively.

In a notable highlight of "Take Action" month, our organization had a constituent meeting with U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman. During this meeting, we advocated for the promotion of safe firearm storage and encouraged Congressman Wittman to utilize his platform to amplify this crucial message. It was an opportunity to engage directly with elected representatives and advocate for meaningful change on a national level.

As we look back on "Action Month," we are immensely proud of the dedication and impact demonstrated by our volunteers. Their tireless efforts have underscored the collective strength of our organization and reaffirmed our commitment to preventing gun violence in all its forms.

With Gratitude,

The Board Members of Virginia Moms for Change

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