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Host a Virginia Moms for Change Meetup

We’re excited to announce an initiative that will help us make strides in gun violence prevention (GVP) across the state. This summer, we're aiming to host 5 meetups to spread awareness and take actionable steps toward protecting our children and communities.

Why Host a Meetup?

Meetups are a powerful way to make GVP feel less overwhelming and more achievable. At these events, attendees will:

  • Learn specific actions they can take to protect kids and communities from gun violence.

  • Connect with others who are passionate about creating a safer Virginia.

  • Gain valuable insights and resources that empower them to advocate for change effectively.

How We Support You

Virginia Moms for Change (VMFC) has made hosting a meetup as simple as possible. Here's what you can expect:

  • Event Guide: Our comprehensive guide prepares everything for you. You just need to provide the location and invite the people.

  • VMFC Volunteer Assistance: A VMFC volunteer can attend your meetup to give a presentation. Plus, our volunteers are available for a pre-meetup call to walk through logistics and answer any questions.

  • Materials Provided: We’ll mail you a VMFC yard sign, stickers, and postcards. You’ll also receive templates for invites, day-of materials (sign-in sheet, QR codes, attendee packets), and a thank-you email.

Planning Your Meetup

Here are some tips to help you organize a successful event:

  1. Timing and Location: Choose a date about a month from now to give yourself ample preparation time. Meetups typically last 1.5 to 2 hours and can be held anywhere convenient—your home, a playground, library, brewery, coffee shop, etc.

  2. Who to Invite: Reach out to mothers, family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, teachers, teammates, club members, and anyone else who might be interested. Encourage each invitee to bring a guest or two.

  3. Event Focus: Decide the aim of your meetup. Whether it's writing to politicians, general education about gun violence, or preparing for the Virginia Legislative Session, your event will have a clear and impactful purpose.

On the Day of the Meetup

  1. Connect: Introduce VMFC using the notes provided. Encourage guests to mingle and share why GVP is important to them.

  2. Act: Walk through our Intro to GVP Advocacy Packet. Help guests look up and save their legislator contact info. Attendees can contact elected officials on the spot via postcards, calls, or emails (all text provided!). Encourage everyone to follow VMFC on Instagram and share a post. Guests will also write a pledge card for their future GVP actions.

  3. Wrap Up: Email us the sign-in sheet and any sharable photos from the event. Send a thank-you email to attendees using our template.

Interested in Hosting?

Your effort, time, and voice are invaluable, and we are incredibly grateful for your support in this crucial cause. If you're ready to make a difference, please contact us at Let's work together to create a safer Virginia for our children and communities.

Thank you for being a part of this important movement. Your passion and dedication can drive real change.

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