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Virginia Moms for Change Announces Endorsements for the 2023 Virginia General Assembly Election

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The 2023 Virginia General Assembly election is just around the corner, and Virginia Moms for Change is excited to announce our endorsed candidates. These candidates are committed to protecting our children and promoting common-sense gun legislation.

About the endorsement process

We sent out a comprehensive questionnaire to all candidates for the State Senate and House of Delegates. We want to ensure that our endorsed candidates are fully aligned with our mission to create a safer environment for our families and children. You can view our full Candidates Guide here.

Our primary mission is to advocate for common-sense gun legislation to protect our children and communities. To identify candidates who share our commitment, we asked all candidates to respond to our questionnaire, which focused on critical issues related to gun safety.

We were pleased to receive responses from many candidates, and we are particularly proud to endorse the following individuals who have shown unwavering support for our cause.

State Senate:

Below are the VMFC endorsed candidates for the Virginia Senate who are running in tight races. If you're in one of these VA Senate districts, please be sure to vote. Their wins will be essential for ensuring gun safety legislation is passed in Virginia.

House of Delegates:

Patrick Hope (D) - HD1 Alfonso H. Lopez (D) - HD3 Elizabeth Bennett-Parker (D) - HD5 Irene Shin (D) - HD8 Karrie Delaney (D) - HD9 Dan Helmer (D) - HD10 Marcus Simon (D) - HD13 Laura Jane Cohen (D) - HD15 Josh Thomas (D) - HD21 Travis Nembhard (D) - HD22 Kannan Srinivasan (D)- HD 26 Atoosa Reaser (D) - HD27 David Reid (D) - HD28 Rob Banse (D) - HD30 Sam Rasoul (D) - HD38 Lily Franklin (D) - HD41 Patricia Quesenberry (D) - HD47 Jennifer Woofter (D) - HD52

Katrina Callsen (D) - HD54 Susanna Gibson (D) - HD57 Rodney Willett (D) - HD58 Rachel A. Levy (D) - HD59 Sara Ratcliffe (D) - HD62 Leonard Lacey (D) - HD64 John Quincy Smith (D) - HD67 Shelley Simonds (D) - HD70 Herb Walker (D) - HD73 Debra Gardner (D) - HD76 Michael Jones (D) - HD77 Betsy Carr (D) - HD78 Rae Cousins (D) - HD79 Nadarius Clark (D) - HD84 Don Scott (D) - HD88 Karen Jenkins (D) - HD89 Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D) - HD96 Michael Feggans (D) - HD97 Cat Porterfield (D) - HD99

Below are the VMFC endorsed candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates who are running in tight races. If you're in one of these VA House districts, please be sure to vote.

Find your District and Candidates

Virginia recently went through a major redistricting. That means you may be in a new House and Senate district. Take a minute and visit this website to find your district. Then you can check out our guide here and find your candidates! Remember: all 140 General Assembly seats are up for election on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

A Commitment to Bipartisanship

Virginia Moms for Change is a nonpartisan organization, representing a diverse group of individuals from all ends of the political spectrum. Our commitment to gun safety transcends party lines. However, in the context of the current political landscape, the issue of gun safety has become increasingly partisan. While our questionnaire was extended to every candidate, we would like to note that only one Republican and one Independent candidate responded. We appreciate the honesty of these candidates in sharing their views, even if they were not aligned with the gun safety policies we support. We also hope that additional Republican candidates will participate in our endorsement process in the future.

The candidates we endorsed have shown unwavering support for the common-sense gun legislation that we believe will help create safer communities.

Virginia Moms for Change remains committed to engaging with candidates from all parties and finding common ground on the critical issue of gun safety. We believe that by endorsing candidates who support our mission, we can make meaningful progress in protecting our children and communities from gun violence.

As we approach the 2023 Virginia General Assembly election, we urge you to support these endorsed candidates and help us create a safer Virginia for all our families. Together, we can make a difference for our children.

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