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Empowering Virginia Moms: Vote for Gun Sense Candidates in the November 2023 State Legislative Races

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The upcoming Virginia state legislator race in November 2023 is a crucial opportunity for Virginians to make our voices heard and shape the future of our communities. With all 140 seats up for election, it is a pivotal moment for promoting gun violence prevention (GVP) and advocating for common sense gun safety legislation. Virginia Moms for Change, an organization dedicated to safeguarding our communities and protecting our children, is urging everyone, particularly moms, to support only gun sense candidates who prioritize the safety and well-being of our families.

Promoting Gun Sense Candidates

Virginia Moms for Change recognizes the importance of highlighting key races across the state and encouraging voters to elect candidates who are committed to passing effective gun safety laws. We firmly believe that protecting our children and communities from gun violence should be a non-partisan issue. However, it is essential to acknowledge the differing positions of each political party and inform voters about each party's track record on this critical matter. We have created this resource so you can see who is running in your district as well as their stance on gun safety.

The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has consistently demonstrated its commitment to enacting common sense gun laws that balance the right to bear arms with the responsibility to protect our communities. Over the years, Democrats have advocated for background checks on all gun sales, the banning of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and measures to prevent individuals with a history of domestic violence from accessing firearms. These initiatives aim to create safer communities while preserving the fundamental rights of responsible gun owners.

The Republican Party

While individual beliefs within the Republican Party may vary, it is important to note that the GOP, as a whole, has been less supportive of comprehensive gun safety legislation. In fact, many members of the GOP have worked to weaken our gun laws. This is not to say that all Republican candidates oppose sensible gun laws, but it is crucial to recognize the party's overall stance. And we promise, we are going to give every Republican candidate the opportunity to prove us wrong – we hope they will!

VMFC's Commitment

Virginia Moms for Change warmly welcomes people from all political affiliations to join our cause. We understand that diverse perspectives contribute to meaningful discussions and holistic solutions. We need everyone who is willing to say "Enough" to this nation's gun violence epidemic to use their voices, regardless of political party. To our Republican supporters specifically, we acknowledge and respect your perspectives and we are so glad you’re here despite GVP not being a popular platform in the GOP.

As Virginians and as moms, we have a responsibility to keep our families and communities safe. Our most important tool to achieve this is our vote, and we cannot vote for candidates who oppose common sense gun laws simply because they are a member of the party we affiliate with. We acknowledge there are many pressing issues in today's world which may guide voting choices. However, if reducing gun violence - the number one cause of death for children in this nation - is your priority, it is time to vote for the Democratic candidate for the next few election cycles.

Please know, your voice and your votes MATTER. Just this primary season, two incumbent legislators who were unreliable on this issue were defeated by strong GVP champions – Senator Chap Petersen was unseated by Saddam Salim, and Senator Lionel Spruill was unseated by Senator Louise Lucas.

A personal note from our founder, Carolyn, who has undergone a political evolution from Republican to Independent, and most recently, Democratic:

"Growing up in a Conservative family in Florida, I initially registered as a Republican, as I believed the party strongly supported our military, business owners, and the economy. However, after completing college in Virginia and entering the workforce, I found myself aligning more with Libertarian ideals, particularly valuing limited government. While I still hold strong religious beliefs, I firmly believe in the separation of church and state. Personal choices such as whom one loves and a woman's right to choose do not have a direct impact on my own life. Though I remain fiscally conservative and socially liberal, I've come to realize that voting for a third-party candidate will not help me achieve my primary goal of creating a safer society for my children. Therefore, I proudly identify as a Democrat. I believe that by supporting Democratic candidates, the issues I care deeply about have a better chance of being addressed, as electing them is the most effective way to achieve progress. While I hold hope that the Republican party will make necessary changes, I am skeptical that these changes will occur if candidates continue to be elected from the current state of the GOP."

A Pivotal Election Year in Virginia

Ensuring the safety of our children and communities should be a priority for all. The statistics on gun violence in the United States are alarming, and it is time we do something. In this pivotal election, we’d like to call your attention to the following candidates in key races:

Now we need your help!

To spread our message across Virginia, will you share this post with friends and family? We particularly want to reach constituents in the following areas: Northern Virginia, Fredericksburg, Hampton Roads, Petersburg, and Henrico County. Do you have friends in these areas? Share this blog and/or our Instagram to help make a difference!

Electing gun safety champions is the #1 way to impact change.

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