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Advocacy in Action: Join Us As We Meet With Virginia Delegates

Virginia Moms for Change (VMFC) continues to lead the charge in advocating for stronger measures to prevent gun violence. A crucial part of this work is consistent contact with our elected representatives. With that, we are aiming to have at least four constituent meetings this fall. As of now, we are planning to meet with State Delegates Betsy Carr, Rodney Willett, Phill Hernandez, and Marcus Simon. If these are your representatives, we would love to have you join us! Don't see your representative? Reach out if you would still like our guidance in meeting with your rep.

Why These Meetings Matter

  1. Direct Political Engagement: Meeting with our elected officials allows us to directly participate in shaping legislative priorities concerning gun violence prevention (GVP).

  2. Supporting Advocates: It reinforces the efforts of representatives who prioritize GVP and encourages them to continue their important work.

  3. Accountability: It puts pressure on representatives who may not yet fully support GVP, reminding them of their responsibility to their constituents.

Your Voice Matters

Feeling uncertain or hesitant about speaking up? VMFC understands these feelings firsthand. Remember, your voice matters because you care deeply about preventing gun violence. Our representatives are elected to listen to us, and these meetings provide a platform to express our concerns and priorities.

How VMFC Supports You

VMFC is committed to supporting every step of your advocacy journey:

  • Guided Conversations: Each meeting will have a designated leader to facilitate discussions and guide participants.

  • Comfortable Participation: You can choose to speak as much or as little as you like; what matters most is your presence and commitment to this crucial issue.

Get Involved

Join us and other VMFC volunteers at these upcoming meetings. Together, we can influence GVP policies that will shape Virginia's future. Whether you're a seasoned advocate or new to activism, your involvement makes a difference.

Let's stand together to prevent gun violence. Please email

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